Short, Comedy: Set Photography.

Writer/Exec Producer: Matt Mahaney.

Director: Michael J Claman.

1st AD: Michael Orlandi

1st AC: Julian Curi.

2nd AC: Angelo Clarizio.

Sound Mixer: Rocco Ambrosio.

Producers: Michael Orlandi, Justin Doyle.

Slate & Lighting: Kelly Mis.

Crafty: Monay Danielle Brown.

Make-up- Kelly Renee Miller.

Production Assistant: Austin Ashcraft.

Stars: Emily Fitz, Justin Doyle, Ron Jeremy.

STORYLINE: Johnny just scored a date with Sunshine, the most radiant, stunning woman he's ever seen. There's only one problem: she's gross. As Sunshine casually reveals more about herself, Johnny must contend with an onslaught of deal-breakers. Will this nightmare date prove to be too much for him? Or will his more primal urges win out?