I am a woman, identifiably and genetically. My experience, as such, has inspired me to complete this photographic diary about the many words that have been personally spoken to me throughout all stages of my life by men, woman and children alike. These “poetically cruel” words have influenced how I viewed myself. Compiled over time, they have weighed me down like heavy baggage.

By recalling and listing all of these insulting phrases that I have been subjected to since childhood, I am acknowledging that each comment was a blatant form of systemic sexism. Comments alone may seem harmless, but when collected as memories, they shape the way we see ourselves over time. It is so engrained in our culture, consciously and subconsciously that we have become so desensitized to it. When one is described and critiqued as individual parts, one does not value herself as a whole, but rather a fragmented dissection. We, as women, are less threatening to men as dominant when we turn our attention to attaining physical perfection (as defined by the status quo). Also, as women, we are less threatening to each other when we cannot embody all that is the female “ideal”. Therefore, women can often be the worst subjugators of their own inequality. In my opinion, sexism thrives on keeping women insecure. In my series of photos, no photoshopping was allowed to my body shape, to properly depict what is my reality.